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We are a design and innovation studio focused on purpose-led businesses and social organisations with a big mission at heart. We deliver design products and brands that put people first, helping you make an impact and raise awareness about the causes you care about.
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Strategy-focused brands

Starting with the strategy creates a funnel for everything else we create together - it builds the foundations of a comprehensive and consistent product or campaign that helps you make an impact in the right way.

The basis of our work relies on concentrating our efforts on the strategy and innovation side of the project, before we even start to think about the design and visual aspects of it. We rely on the problem-solving approach inspired by the Design Thinking methodology.

Keep reading too understand what our process looks like when working on branding projects.

Brand Strategy

Setting the foundations by finding the overlap between the brand goals, values and audience needs

On the brand strategy phase, we start with an interactive workshop where we go through different areas of your business and brand to uncover your brand essence, your user persona and your goals. These insights help us strategising the best way to communicate your message to your audience.

Brand Design

Working on the concepts for a visual identity that aligns with your brand's purpose

On this step, we turn the strategy into design, creating the visual, identifiable elements that will bring your brand values and message to your target audience, including your main logo and variations, colour palette, typography... We create and present up to three logo concepts based on our conversations and different routes that your brand could take. We always refer back to the strategy, your brand values and needs to make sure that your final logo communicates what your brand stands for.

Brand Activation

Exploring the possibilities of the brand and the experience of your users across different online and offline channels

The brand activation phase includes all the materials that emerge from the visual identity and strategy, such as a website, documents and social media content. Based on the early phases of your project, we help you prioritise the assets that will contribute to a better user experience, and a more efficient business roadmap. We create bespoke visual content that fits your branding and message, and that reaches your audience where they are.

Our new service: Brand Audits!

Imagine feeling clear and confident about the next steps to take to build a stronger brand...

A Brand Audit is a personalised review of your current visual identity (logo, colours, fonts, images), and brand strategy (values, message, audience, tone of voice), and how you are using it all across different platforms, including your website (if you have one!), social media profiles and digital products.

Your audit is presented in a document with easy recommendations for you to make improvements in your branding.

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It all comes down to your story and how to tell it effectively to create an exceptional experience for your audience.

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