• knowing you are clearly communicating your brand's message, values and purpose to your ideal client without confusing them
  • using your visual identity consistently without having to trust you'll remember each colour or font you've ever used
  • feeling clear and confident about the next steps to take to build a stronger brand
  • validating that your brand strategy works!
  • having guidance and accountability without the big investment of a full branding

All of this is possible!

Introducing Brand Audits!

what is it?

In a nutshell, a Brand Audit is a personalised review of your current visual identity (logo, colours, fonts, images), and how you are using it all across different platforms, including your website (if you have one!), social media profiles and digital products. We also take into consideration your values, message, audience, and tone of voice, because strategy is a big part of your branding!

Your audit is presented in a document with easy recommendations for you to make improvements in your branding.

who is it for?

From experience, I know that not everyone is ready to invest in a full branding project from the start. And most of us create our own branding and visual identity from scratch, which is not easy (and takes time!). I want to honour your hard work, and a Brand Audit is a great initial step to get some detailed ideas that would improve what you already have in place without the big investment.

sneak peek: Your Gold Stars

My clients LOVE that my audits always start by pointing out the amazing work you have been doing so far, because I know you've put the time and energy into this (and maybe even money), and I value that.

Let's celebrate all that first!

Screenshot of one of the pages on the Brand Audit document

Virginia's Brand Audit really helped me take my project to the next level. She was encouraging and gave me lots of advice and ideas for ways to improve my branding as a whole. I loved her holistic approach to branding, where the tone of voice, messaging and channels are just as important as the logo, colours and fonts.

I now have a comprehensive document that lists all the strengths and weaknesses of my branding, and a ton of suggestions. The structure and accountability built into the Brand Audit allowed me to feel clear and confident about the next steps to take to build a stronger brand. I really enjoyed Virginia's way of working: she's very detail-oriented and eager to make things simple and manageable for her clients; she only made suggestions and never forced me to do anything, and she manages to be super professional while maintaining a friendly attitude at all times. It is clear that she knows her stuff and has a knack for guiding others.

Working with Virginia was a real pleasure and I cannot recommend her enough!

Brand Audit beta client

what do I get?

After I review your branding, I give you a document with recommendations and areas of improvement for your brand, and what impact you would create when implementing those. There are no strings attached: you can make some small tweaks, ignore the suggestions, or get my help down the line.

In addition to the Brand Audit call and document, you get 4 weeks of support and a call afterwards, so I can keep you accountable if you decide you want to start implementing the suggested changes!

sneak peek: the brand audit document

The spreadsheet document you receive is divided in sections (visual identity, branding/personality, website, social media channels, digital products...). For each aspect, I explain my observations, provide some recommendations, and define the impact that the changes would have on your brand. Additionally, I provide resources and links to anything I feel might be helpful for you.

Screenshot of one of the pages on the Brand Audit document

I just got around to reading what you wrote in the Brand Audit document and, wow, there's so much!

I'm really blown away by your comments and recommendations. So detailed! Some of them I'd been thinking in the back of my mind but when you actually said it out loud or wrote about it in a structured and so organised way... it makes me want to work on it asap!

Brand Audit beta client

let's look at the process

I have created this process by working with three amazing women who have agreed to be my beta clients. The whole process has been tested, approved and improved using their valuable feedback, so you get the best possible service!

Here's what to expect when working on your brand audit together:

1️⃣ WE HAVE an initial 30 to 45 minutes call.

On this call, I ask you questions about your brand, business goals and communications strategy. I also focus on understanding what you are struggling with and what your priorities are with your brand. All of this helps me when auditing the visual and verbal aspects of your brand, including the consistency of your message, and where you might be missing an opportunity to engage your audience!

2️⃣ I REVIEW your brand across your different platforms.

After our call, I make sure I have all the links and assets I need to start reviewing everything. I then check your communication channels and create your audit document, with suggestions to improve your brand (all optional, but very powerful!) and the benefits of implementing those.

This takes between a week or two.

3️⃣ I PRESENT your Brand Audit! (and deliver your document)

We have a 1-hour call to show you the main recommendations for your brand in an easy-to-digest visual presentation, and I make sure your questions are answered! After the call, I send you an e-mail with your audit document, a recording of our call, and a list of the 1-3 priorities you will be focusing on implementing next (based on our discussions).

4️⃣ Accountability and 4-weeks support.

During the 4 weeks after I have delivered your document, you have access to me for personalised feedback and coaching on recommendations you implement, and to answer any questions that come up while reviewing your brand. I am just an e-mail or message away! After those 4 weeks, we have a final 30-minute call to follow-up on the changes you have made (from your priorities or else!), and to solve any last-minute questions.

I think these branding updates will have a very big impact. Having this brand audit motivates me, it helps me and supports me to create the content, to not overthink it, to not feel frustrated.

Also, part of the brand audit was about strategy which I haven't been looking at, because I started without having a clear idea of my focus or my service. Having now in mind that I need this strategy and to do it more for the client, it will have a big impact in me achieving my goals.

Brand Audit beta client

are you in? let's get started!

If you have read all the way here and this sounds like what you need, book your Brand Audit for £500 now! You will get personalised recommendations that will make an impact on how your brand and message are presented to the world.

The best part? This price will be deducted if you decide to work together on a branding project in the next 6 months!

"Book your Brand Audit!" graphic

Your customised Brand Audit includes:

  • 3x calls
  • your brand audit document + reference branding guide (all in one Google Sheet document)
  • recording of the presentation and final calls (x2)
  • 4 weeks of support (e-mail or telegram)
Buy now for £500

The button above will open the payment page in a new tab. Please, note: refunds are subject to a 10% fee to cover for the cost of the payment processing platform. If you are unsure, use the form at the end of the page to reach out to me before purchasing. If you need a payment plan for this service, reach out using the form below.


Will this help me if I'm only starting out?

It really depends on how much visual and verbal content you have created for your brand. If you don't have a website, social media channels, or products, then it'll be hard for me to audit your elements. Use the form below to reach out and I'll assess your specific case.

What if I haven't started a business yet? Is this still for me?

Definitely not! Unless you have something for me to work with, I cannot audit your brand, sorry!

How do I know if this is worth the investment for me?

This service is perfect for you if:

  • you have been working on your brand and visual identity by yourself, and are not sure if it's working
  • your message is unclear, and your brand strategy doesn't seem coherent (to you)
  • you are struggling to stay consistent on your visual communication
  • you need a detailed plan of action to improve your brand
  • you are not ready to invest in a full branding package (totally OK by the way! that's why this service exists!)

What’s the difference between this and a full branding?

On a full branding package, I create/design all the elements that you need, from a clear strategy, to your visual identity assets. On a Brand Audit, I review and give recommendations to improve what you currently have in place.

Will I get any design assets?

Nope! The only visuals you get from the Brand Audit is the reference branding guide that I include in your Google Sheet document. In this tab, I collect your current elements so you can see them all in one place.

What if I don’t learn anything new?

Before launching the service, I have tested it with 3 beta clients, iterating and improving after each one. They all agreed that the document is filled with lots of incredibly helpful information. In addition to the document, this service includes three calls with me, so that's three opportunities to get your questions answered and to pick my brain. I know that information is free and available everywhere, but I create your document and presentation from scratch and completely customised to you and your brand, and I'm confident you'll get a lot of value out of this experience.

If you are still unhappy and you really don't find anything worth your time, I'll offer you a full refund.

I’ve got another question.

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